Tuck Harry, Executive Director

Tuck Harry, Executive Director

Tuck proves that no feat is too big to tackle. From business analysis, to team management, we're honored to have this hard-working innovator in our corner.

  • Youth Eastside Services 1971-1980.

  • Suicide prevention hotline 1971-1972.

  • Crisis intervention team member 1971-

  • 1972.

  • Vista Volunteer Youth Eastside Services

  • 1972-1974.

  • Coordinator and trainer crisis intervention

  • services YES.

  • YES Board Member 1972-1974.

  • Full-time staff member 1974-1980.

  •    Provided crisis intervention training for staff from

  • Eastside community mental-health center, Overlake hospital and the

  • Bellevue police department 1974-1980.

  • Intake and referral coordinator juvenile 

  • justice grant Bellevue police department 1974-1976.

  • Designed and developed the

  • information resource and referral

  • center at Interlake high school Bellevue,

  • Washington (a collaborative contract

  • between Bellevue school district and

  • Youth Eastside services) 1976-1980.

  • At large drug abuse prevention

  • consultant Bellevue school district

  • 1974-1980.

  • Peer counseling teacher Interlake high

  • school 1978-1980.

Nikita Chase, Program Director

Nikita Chase, Program Director

Mother, survivor, advocate, and ETT. As a parent of nine children ages seven to twenty-seven, I have watched the challenges society has faced for a long time. I'm a DV survivor who has been an advocate for over two decades as well as a trained emergency trauma technician. I believe now is the time to stop the opioid crisis in America. We have lost enough. 

  • 1993-1995. New accounts, consumer relations HMO 1995-1997. Client relations.

  • 1997-. Domestic Violence advocacy. 

  • 1997-. Sexual Assault advocacy.

  • 1997-. Child Abuse Prevention.

  • 2010-. Suicide prevention.

  • 2010-. Hotline for DV, SA, Child and Elder Abuse, and Suicide.

  • 2017-. Emergency Trauma Technician.