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Welcome to the Alaska Academy for Drug Abuse Prevention

We are located in Tenakee Springs, Alaska on Chicagof Island 65 miles southwest of Juneau.

While this is a remote location it is one of extreme beauty filled with natural wonder. Our community has about 90 members. There are no roads or cars, no McDonalds, no Starbucks. Looking out our window is like watching the Discovery Channel with all the diverse wildlife Alaska has to offer.

The learning environment here is exceptional. While intense challenging study and practice is required, it is easy to relax after all the hard work. For a calming reflective experience simply go for a hike in the pristine Tongass National Forest or get in a kayak and paddle around listening to the whales talk and the sealions bark while cruising the calm waters of Tenakee Inlet. Photography opportunities abound.

. We also have an enclosed natural hot spring open to all at designated hours.

Tenakee has a community garden for organic produce during the summer and fall and we are adding a year-around greenhouse/cafe for fresh produce and hot drinks soon to be open. On the tech side we have starlink which provides us with internet, phone and streaming TV. Tenakee is not for everyone but if you like the outdoors and you are looking for a great adventure and you want to learn new lifelong skill sets, this could be the place and the program for you.

TKE Live Stream
TKE Live Stream